Our blinds and why they are different

MotorBlinds™ Thermal Reflective Interior Blinds utilises a unique material that has been used for years for controlling core temperatures of products during logistical transit. Traditional Interior Thermal Blinds have been available for many years but the material used has changed very little over that time and tends to be a traditional 6,7 or 8 ply material which is usually very thin, flimsy, Non self supporting structure, requiring many suction cups. Interior Thermal Window Covers by MotorBlinds™ use a Twin Foil Backed Fabric Coated Material which has pockets of air trapped within – depending on which way the blinds face will either heati or cool the trapped air and delivers the desired effect. MotorBlinds™ are pleased to make available a step change in material. MotorBlinds™ material is thicker, lighter, more self supporting than the traditional materials and due to its construction requires 50% fewer suction cups than the others. Whats more, instead of using potentially cheaper, lower quality components such as Far East Suction Cups and Eyelets. MotorBlinds™ uses the Worlds Leader in Suction Cups ADAMS, Adams USA suction cups are patented with an easy removal tab, a unique suction design producing no focal point and does not need moisture to aid its adhesion. To complement the suction cup MotorBlinds™ use a unique suction cup holder meaning the blinds can be fitted to the windows far quicker than the majority of others and this unique design means the suction cups can remain in place on the Window when turning the blind from Thermal to Reflective. Interior Thermal Window Covers by MotorBlinds™ You will not be disappointed! Set consists of FRONT Windscreen Blind, FRONT Passenger Door Window Blind, FRONT Drivers Side Window Blind Patented High Quality Clear Suction Cups from the Worlds Leading producer Unique Suction Cup Holders allow quicker fitment and removal More than twice the thickness of most the competitors versions MotorBlinds™ can prolong the life and look of the vehicle interior by preventing sun damage (cracking, fading plastic trim and fabrics) making it an essential all year long product for all seasons. Interior Thermal Window Covers by MotorBlinds™ work by reflecting radiant heat much like sunlight hitting a mirror, insulates and help reduce condensation. The thermal material keeps your interior cool on hot summer days, and prevents condensation from forming on the windows during cold winter days MotorBlinds™ give you an easy way to protect your motorhome, campervan, van or car through all kinds of weather. Interior Thermal Window Covers by MotorBlinds™ can protect your interior from the sun as well as providing additional privacy. Interior Thermal Window Covers by MotorBlinds™ assists with:
  • Keeping the interior cooler on warm sunny days
  • Preventing condensation during cool winter days
  • Keeping the interior warmer on cool winter days
  • Preventing sun bleaching of the vehicle interior fabric
  • Additional privacy
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