Interior Thermal Window Covers by VehicleBlinds assist with;

  • Offering additional privacy
  • Keeping the interior cooler on warm sunny days
  • Keeping the interior warmer on cool winter days
  • Helping the prevention of condensation build up
  • Preventing sun bleaching of the vehicle interior

In addition we offer a range of colour options to customise your vehicle.

VehicleBlinds utilise a unique material that has been used for many years in the thermal protection of Pharmaceuticals. 

Using a foil backed material which has a double layer of air pockets trapped within – which, depending on which way the blinds face, will either heat or cool the trapped air to deliver the desired effect.

VehicleBlinds material is approximately 13mm in depth and more self-supporting compared to traditionally used materials but at the same time very flexible for storage and due to its construction, requires fewer suction cups. VehicleBlinds use very high quality suction cups which have superior holding power and do not need moisture to aid their adhesion.

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