Fitting your new blinds


To fit your Premium Thermal blinds with the silver (reflective) surface facing out of the vehicle place the suction cups in the holes on the silver side of the blind.

In this pack you will find a sheet of black self-adhesive circular labels (not Velcro) after fitting the blinds you have the option of sticking these over the back of the suction cup holder to stop light penetration. Please Note: These can only be applied once so if you wish to reverse the blinds please do not apply them.

Offer the blinds into position on the vehicle windows and push to achieve suction.

The suction cups can easily be removed from the windows by pulling the tabs on cup releasing the suction.

To fit the blinds with the silver (reflective) surface facing into the vehicle simply reverse the fitting instructions.

Your blinds are supplied with a handy storage bag and to maximise storage space fold the blinds in the same position they arrived prior to inserting them into the bag.

Fitting the blinds if the vehicle does not have a rear-view mirror



Not all vehicles have a centre rear view mirror on the windscreen. If your vehicle does not have a centre rear view mirror, in order to maximise interior vehicle protection from external light, we provide a removable insert

To fit the removable insert

Place the removable insert on a flat surface with the silver (reflective) side down.

Place four of the self-adhesive Velcro dots, one in each corner by peeling them off the protective strip exposing the adhesive.

Apply light/medium pressure for a short time to aid adhesion. NOTE: Velcro dots can be placed with the hook or loop side facing outward, but we suggest whichever you chose please ensure all four are either hook or loop on the removable insert.

Place the remaining four self-adhesive Velcro dots against those already adhered to the removable insert with the adhesive side facing toward you. Ensure they are in position to engage the Velcro hooks and loops.

Carefully place the removable insert over the rear-view mirror cut out and apply light/medium pressure for a short time to aid adhesion. Leave in position for adhesive to cure for 24-48 hours if possible.

Your blind with removable insert is now ready for use.